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After many years in which it has been relatively quiet with new products from Vidicode, a new product concept has now been put on the market. Vidicode is a Dutch company that is specialized in the development and production of call recording products and fax servers. The difference between Vidicode and other call recording manufacturers is that Vidicode often makes use of dedicated hardware so that recording systems can be realized in a relatively simple manner from 1 channel to many hundreds of channels.

As said before, the latest development of Vidicode is the V-Tap concept. V-Tap is a combination of hardware and software, but can also be used as stand-alone hardware. This is because the hardware is equipped with an SD card slot in which an SD card can be placed (max. 128Gb) on which the calls can be stored. This SD card can be read with any SD card reader in PC or laptop. However, by using the supplied software the functionality increases enormously. Through the software, calls can be searched on basis on one or more of the following criteria; date, time, user, telephone number (if present) and direction (incoming or outgoing call). On each of these conditions can be searched but also on a combination of conditions so you can find quickly your recording and listen to it. Another advantage of the software is that the recorded telephone calls can also be saved on a PC, Laptop or network location. If a larger installation is concerned, calls can even be stored in the Vidicode’s large call recorder Apresa database.

The hardware is available in 3 variants; V-Tap analog, V-Tap VoIP and the V-Tap ISDN. We leave this last variant out of consideration for the Benelux as ISDN will be phased out over the coming years. The V-Tap analog is more or less the extended variant of the Callrecorder Pico. Where the Pico still needs to be connected to a PC or Laptop, the V-Tap analog can work completely stand-alone thanks to the built-in SD card reader. All variants also have a network connection with which the devices can be accessed and the recorded telephone conversations can also be stored at other locations.

The V-Tap VoIP can record calls from a sip-trunk or from a (non-encrypted) VoIP telephony environment. The low price makes it easy and inexpensive to build a call registration system that grows with the needs of the organization. One device can already record up to 50 (!) VoIP channels. In combination with a Call Recorder, it is therefore easy to build a recording system with, for example, telephone conversations being recorded in different branches while the storage takes place on a central server. Each device is equipped with a WiFi module which according to the statement of Vidicode will be activated in the course of 2017 by means of a firmware upgrade so that even the use of a UTP cable becomes superfluous.

With this new concept, Vidicode is introducing a new, interesting proposition in the call-recording market, which enables the recording of telephone conversations in situations where it is not yet possible or at extremely high costs (for example, the simple recording of telephone calls in branch offices). We therefore expect that Vidicode will score well with this new concept.



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V-Tap Analog 2

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