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Recording phone calls from a mobile phone turns out to be very difficult in practice. There are many apps available that say that they can record conversations but in practice these apps do not work, or they only record one side of the conversation (often your own voice and not the voice of the person on the other side of the line) or they will forward you to a payment number where you pay a certain amount for your recorded call. The reason that these apps often do not work is that many mobile phone manufacturers block the possibility to include both sides of a conversation in connection with the different types of legislation in the world.

Voicebird responds to the need (which is indeed there) for recording phone calls via the mobile phone. Instead of using an app, Voicebird opted for an equally simple and ingenious solution. A small, handy device has been developed, which can easily be connected between the mobile phone and a wired headset.

When opening the box, the attention to design is immediately noticed. The Voicebird Mini was developed in Denmark and that is also reflected in the modern design and packaging. The Voicebird Mini comes complete with all necessary cables. When unpacking the Voicebird Mini, it is immediately obvious how light this device is, only 18 grams! The design feels solid and the finish of the brushed aluminum gives the Voicebird Mini a solid look, The buttons feel solid, in short, a perfect first impression.

We connect the Voicebird Mini between the wired headset and the mobile phone and make our first test call. When the Voicebird Mini is on, we press the clearly marked record button and by means of the flashing LED you know for sure that the call will be recorded. When the call is finished, we press the recording button again and the recording stops. If we now press the play button, we can listen back to the conversation via our headset. The quality of the recording is crystal clear and both voices are clearly audible. By means of a supplied USB cable, we can transfer the conversations to a PC or Laptop and listen or forward them in this way. There is also the possibility to create an account on Voicebird.com. With this free account, up to 3 hours of calls can be stored in the cloud which can then be easily shared with other users.

The big advantage of the Voicebird Mini is that it can be used with virtually any mobile phone. The manufacturer himself indicates that the standard headset of the Iphone 5 & 6 does not work well in combination with the Voicebird Mini (Apple has slightly changed the 3.5 mm plug) but this can easily be solved by using a different headset that can often be bought for less than € 10.00. The Voicebird Mini comes complete with all the necessary cables, however a charger is missing. For this purpose any USB adapter can be used (including that of your mobile phone). The Voicebird Mini can store up to 16 hours of calls. The low weight does have an impact on the battery. You can record up to 2 hours of calls with a full battery.

We recommend the Voicebird Mini due to its simple use and quality. If you, for example, are on the road or take interviews via your mobile phone, it is an indispensable piece of equipment that will certainly simplify your life.

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Voicebird mini

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